- Fred & Devon -

A couple weeks ago we had the opportunity to with shoot Fred & Devon. We shot at Bryn Mawr College which was simply beautiful. The perfect compliment to the couple. Its so great to spend time with a couple that's so fun and simply genuine.

We also got a great tour of the campus. It was really funny because Devon, who attended Bryn Mawr College, knew EVERYTHING there is to know about the college. Its definitely one of the more interesting colleges I've ever heard of. . . lol.

Below are some images from that day. There are also some more images from this day on our website under the Engagement gallery.


<3 Melissa

Cold weather gone for the weekend

Finally a full weekend of amazing sunshine :-) I remember it being 30 something degrees a few days ago all snuggled up in my heated blanket....today 90 degrees. Perhaps our heating bill will be under $300 this month. Thumbs up to that!

The girls were a blast at the park. Sometimes a little hard to handle, especially when one is trying to climb up the slide and at the same time the other is throwing mulch at some random person. All in All a beautiful day.

<3 Melissa

Happy Sunday

Today has been such a great day! We had so many things to do today including going up to pick up the girls, a meeting and a shoot, which was soooo FUN - pics to come soon. Its always hard for us to be away from the girls for more than a day but its awesome when we get to see them after wards. They are super cute and huggy and kissy!(not proper grammar but it suites the subject) We were able to just run around with them in this perfect weather. Who would've thought that chasing after and running away from little girls could be so fun! Ava was laughing so hard that she was snorting - ahh the cuteness was obscene today!

So all in all it was a great day and I love spending time with the family! They are everything and I couldn't be happier to be able to spend quality time with them. I'm sure most of know its not always easy to find that time.

Anyway, below are a few shots from today. I'm kicking myself for not having the camera ready when the girls came out running towards me to give me their hugs and kisses!!

Dinner Time

Dinner time with your family is one of those things that has seemed to change for the worse in the last 5 years or so. I remember growing up we would always eat as a family. I loved it and I miss it. We are finding now that with our crazy schedules and so many things to do that its sometimes hard to sit down at the table and eat as a family. I believe it is so important for a family do have this - whether or not you have kids. Its a time where you can just talk, enjoys each others company, unwind after a full day and not have any distractions from the outside world. I look forward to hearing from the girls about there day at school and having their friends over.

Each time we actually get to sit down for dinner together is a special time for our family. I look forward to it everyday. I started thinking about this when I was looking at some recent pictures of the girls we took at dinner one night. Below are two - the first one is AVA and second is Bella.

Happy Easter!


Raymond & Lauren

Below is a slide show we put together from the wedding we shot yesterday. We had a blast shooting this wedding. Everyone had a great time and it shows in the pictures. Best of luck to Raymond & Lauren, you guys are an amazing couple. Enjoy!

<3 Melissa


This past Saturday we had the opportunity to take pictures of Izzy. She was so easy to shoot and loved the camera. She was absolutely adorable, which also made it easy for us. We got a lot of great pictures of her and some great action shots of her picking at dirt, stones, and a bird nest, but then again what baby doesn't do that. Below are just a few images...

<3 Melissa