Family time.

I know it has been a while since we've posted pictures of our girls so here you go! We've settled into our new place and the girls are very excited about having their toddler beds(though they sleep in the same bed half the time) and their play room. Speaking of the beds, today after being put down for their nap today they ended up taking a nap together in a little red tent that they have in their room. With no pillows or blankets! They're too adorable.

It's amazing how quickly they are learning now. Bella took apart their night light and unscrewed the light bulb and brought it to me. The girls remember everything to. They can count to ten, say a fair amount of their abc's, and if I tell them that they can have chocolate milk after they take a nap the first thing they say when they wake up is, "Chakit Milk". I apologize for the run on but thats how I said it outloud to myself just now.

So below are some recent images. The first is Bella holding my hand as we walked to see the farm animals around the corner. I think its just so sweet that they will hold our hands so I had to take the picture. The second is Ava with Pappap on his tractor. He gives them rides around their house and they think its the best thing in the world. I asked Pappap to give me a ride to but that didn't work out. That would be a funny picture though, lol. The third picture is Ava and Melissa. Ava pets her first goat at the age of two. The last picture is Ava and Bella on Halloween. They were pirates and still think they are. I asked Bella what she wants to be when she grows up today and she said, "Pie-rit". I'd like to add that Ava said Daddy.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these images of our little ones. Look forward to seeing some pictures from the engagement shoot we did today.

Have a great day!