Josh & Heather - Engaged!

Happy New Year everyone! We're very excited for this year and there is much in store for us to share with our friends. Just a few days after Christmas Melissa and I went to Love Park and the surrounding areas to shoot Josh & Heather's engagement photos.

Only did we have one conversation over the phone (they live in CA) and exchange emails before meeting. I knew they were fun people before even meeting them. Every once in a while we get to work with a couple that is down to earth and just fun. This is where they come into the picture, pun intended.

Going to Love Park, City Hall, and that place that has the huge game pieces SCREAMS corny in so many ways. Many photographers don't think about it much, others do anything they can to avoid the traps. For us we embraced it and added a little twist of our own.

All in all, we had a great time and really got to know these two great people! Another reminder to us as to why we love what we do. Thank you Josh & Heather for a great time!


One of my favorite images of the day! These skateboarders were super cool.

Josh the only guy not bundled up that day. How?!