Melissa is out with some friends for the evening so I had the chance to spend some time with Ava & Bella. I turned into superdad! I made the girls dinner and we sat together and talked about.. well I'm not so sure what they were talking about but I still joined in on the conversation.

Its so cute to watch them eat food. They aren't too good at using a fork or spoon yet but they still try. They eventually pick up the food with their hands and put it on their fork like they did tonight. Lol. They both liked the fruit salad over the other food so they ate that first. Only when that was gone would they go to the other food.

Ok, so why is the title of this post "Pierogi"? Tonight, just before they went to bed, Ava was pretending to eat food off of a plate. She walks up to me, looks me in the eyes and says, "daddy paowgi". She was pretending to eat pierogis! What two year old does that? It was just adorable.

Here is a picture of the girls from the other day. And yes, Ava is wearing my shirt.