Continue shooting.

Some of you have seen a few of these pictures already but I wanted to share some new images we've created recently. Why? I believe it's extremely important for a photographer to continually shoot and create. It doesn't matter what you shoot. Just shoot.

It keeps you on your game. You will come up with new idea's for other things and create art in the mean time. It challenges you to make interesting images (even when you don't think there is anything interesting around). All theses images below I have come across throughout my daily life.

It's important also to not always have your camera with you. Enjoy your life without documenting it. Allow use of your memory without photographs. For example, Melissa, Ava, Bella and I went to Sesame Place yesterday WITHOUT a camera. We had fun. I wasn't worried about getting certain shots or anything at all! I guess its safe to say that there is a good balance needed.


*Click on the images to view them larger*