Photography is Art is Philosophy is You.

I remember when I started shooting in high school. I was in love with National Geographic and thought of photographs as interesting things to look at. I quickly adapted to the notion and started creating pictures that looked interesting to me. Didn't take long before I discovered there was much more to a photograph than a photograph. I then became more interested and started creating.

While in college I spent a lot of my free time studying photographers and discovered that I wasn't alone in my thoughts towards photography. Photography IS art. Note: me going to college was simply to learn the medium, nothing more. Shows how naive I really was. The interesting thing is that the schooling had little to do with my learning yet it afforded me time to do learning on my own.

Though I dislike the term Artist, that's what I am. I like to think of artists as philosophers though. Art's purpose has always been to communicate. Tell stories, teach, explore, expose, and share ideas. An interesting thing about an artist is that they can't stop creating and aren't limited to one medium. It has nothing to do with a medium - it's the person themselves and whats available to them as they choose to create.

With that being said I believe we are all philosophers in a way. Some simply haven't discovered it yet and/or some don't believe in themselves. For example - have you ever seen an image in your mind that relates to something you're going through/thinking/feeling? Maybe its not the best example but that's my problem(gift?). Basically everything internal and external is interpreted into images.

Why am I talking about this now, I don't really know, lol. I have had this one way conversation in my head for quite some time and thought I'd share. Also, I have a new image recently created that is a great example of my work. My preferred medium is obviously photography but I love painting as well and this ties the two together (for me).

There will be certain pieces you create that will be special to you forever and this is one of them.

Feel free to comment on this post. I'm always interested in hearing other peoples thoughts.

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