It's fun having kids.

There are so many little things that you discover about being a parent. It's usually good things too. This morning I was bringing the girls downstairs. They are at the point where they want to go down by themselves. I'm fine with that but it's scary seeing them try to walk down - a stair is almost half their size so it's quite a step. We are always asking them to sit on their but or go down backwards but they don't listen.

Duh! That's because they see us walking down so they want to walk down too! So there I was this morning going down step by step - on my butt - two flights. We were all making the sounds you make when you do that, the "uuhhhhhhh". And when you hit the next stair it makes the sound stop abruptly. "uuhhhhh - UH!" It's much harder hitting the next step at my current weight than when I was 25 lbs too.

I wanted to share this picture with you. When ever the girls see an opportunity to get into a small space they like to take advantage.