Ok, so there's something I wanted to share with everyone. Some may know about this and some might not.

When our girls were born (05/16/07) I was inspired by the entire experience. Having children is one of the best things that can ever happen to someone. I wanted to take the girls pictures, everyday! You can see all over the place the people who do self portraits for a year or will take one picture every year for 20 years of someone or themselves. There are many variations but you know what I mean.

My idea was kind of similar but a bit more evolved. I wanted to photograph the girls everyday for much longer than a year. For 18 years. ...So you're probably like, "Yeah, whatever", right? Well here's the best part. Its a family project. And my goal isn't to take a picture of their faces in the same way each day like what you'd expect. I wanted to capture each of them in the day. So whether they are playing together and happy or crying in the corner, the picture has to represent them in that day. So how is this possible to do? Remember I said it was a family project? It doesn't matter who takes the picture as long as its taken from someone in our family. I'm expecting to get the girls each a digital camera by their 3rd birthday so they can start taking pictures of themselves.

It's been almost two years. As of yesterdays pictures, we made it to 665 days. Seems like a lot but when I think about Ava & Bella being alive for that long it seems so short. I remember right after the girls were born I told my family about what I was going to be doing. They kept saying, "thats what all fathers say when their kids are first born". It's gonna happen and Melissa and I are committed! Its actually become a habit for me to take their pictures everyday. Definitely a good habit though.

So I guess I'll invite you all to the show we're gonna have in 16 years! I want to line up all of the images, printed small, side by side going all the way around a room(large room!). When/If we have more children, we'll be adding to the pictures up til the 18th year so you'll see another line of pictures added each time a child, or children if we have twins again, is born.

Below is an image that was taken a couple days ago. Ava is the goof in the bag and Bella is the mastermind in the back trying to get into the drawers.