Before & After

A friend of ours, Whitney from SC recently posted on her facebook a before & after picture showing what the pictures looked like before processing(raw) and after processing. I for one am always interested in seeing that sort of thing. It gives you a great idea of what goes into processing pictures. Sometimes it's pretty amazing.

I recently was watching a video as well with three successful, well known photographers. Chase Jarvis, David Hobby (Strobist), and David Nightingale (Chromasia). They were talking about how important it is for people in all industries to SHARE. Unfortunately there are many photographers who turn their backs on other photographers and treat their knowledge as guarded treasures. I completely agree with sharing your knowledge and everything you have to offer.

I want to start showing Before & After pictures more and I want to be able to answer any questions anyone has. Whether it be about certain images of ours, process, thoughts, or even how I tricked Melissa into marrying me(lol).

Feel free to comment on here or you can email us at or get in touch with me through Facebook -

Here is our first Before & After. There are some obvious differences and not so obvious. This image took me about 15 minutes to do with something like 6 steps.


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