Mo pics.

Here are a few more from yesterday. It's absurd how much I love my girls. =0)


Lazy talk and a new pool.

Have you ever been listening to or been in a conversation and you hear someone say something that makes no sense? It's understood by the other person and you know what they were saying but it's wrong. If you just hear what they said and had no context you would probably want to get them back in 3rd grade english class. I think that people can sometimes be lazy when it comes to talking. They have to realize they've said something wrong but don't correct themselves and the other person/people don't say anything!

Don't get me wrong, sometimes its really funny but there are those times when I cannot stand it. And I DO IT TOO! If you have a job I guarantee that you'll hear examples of this everyday. Specially if you are in sales you'll hear it. I wish I had an example to give right now but aside from my already absent mind it is 7:30 in the morning (sans coffee).

So as I said you have to listen for it - when you hear it you'll be like, "Hey, that's lazy!" Feel free to correct that person if you'd like, even if it's me!


I hope everyone has a great holiday - Myself and the family have been having a great time enjoying each others time and the weather and new baby pool the girls got for their 2nd birthday!

Here are a couple pics from yesterday!