Christmas & Kids & Thank you

I've quickly come to realize that our children are not normal. I can easily say that about my family as well. It's interesting to me as a father and not the child now. I like that the girls are a little out there and like to do things that maybe are not "normal". I hope that this doesn't end.

Why am I talking about this? I've been thinking about it since I took the Christmas pictures of the girls. It's fun working with them because they are real. They have ideas about poses and I can try to show them stuff but in the end, they do what they want. Even if that means just sitting on the floor with a pouty face.

Yesterday Bella took her cheese of the pizza and wiped the sauce all over her little tray attached to her chair. She then started drawing in the sauce with her fingers. Her favorite thing was tracing her hand. It was cute. At first I was like "oh no" but then I thought to myself that I wish I had some pizza left for myself to do that. Of course I wouldn't fit in their chairs but maybe I could move it to the kitchen floor. Last night, I was working on some images and Ava comes out saying telling me that she made a house. I thought it was out of legos. I went back, the girls very excited to show me, and there they were. Four rolls of toilet paper stacked on top of each other. It didn't take long for me to notice that the fifth roll was nicely thrown all around their playroom. Yes, the girls toilet papered their playroom. Looking back on it now I should have taken a picture but I must've been off my game.

My rambling is almost done. All in all, our children aren't normal and yours arent either(if you have any). Its a good thing. In the end do you want your child just like everyone else or do you want someone different. Not "I'm going to visit them in the insane asylum today" but "I'm proud of them and wouldn't change anything about them".

Below is the picture we picked for our Christmas card and below that are some of the other pictures we took during the shoot. (please forgive me, the images in color aren't edited) If you cannot see them clearly enough you can click on them. Not your typical Christmas picture. But this is who our girls are.. and who we want them to be. Yes that means they are kids and have no filters or people telling them how to be normal. Look at the people in this world who are TRUELY something. Do they seem normal to you? You get one life here on earth. I don't want them to fall into the trap of normalcy.

Alrighty then, I apologize for those who had to muscle through all that. Does it make sense? Who knows.

Myself, Melissa and the girls want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! We also want to thank everyone for their support and encouragement. We're blessed to do what we love and blessed with AWESOME friends, family and clients!

Next year is a BIG year for us and you'll see some new things. Stay tuned!


Jeff & Lorraine get married!

Hello friends. Melissa and I had the pleasure to photograph Jeff & Lorraine's wedding this past Saturday. Yes, the Saturday with the first snow of the winter. Lorraine asked for it so.. lol. It made for some tough times shooting outside but we all endured!

Even with the snowiness I must say, we had an incredible time. They are a lovely couple who have very loving family and friends. There was a uniqueness to this day. We're very thankful for this opportunity and hope you enjoy the sneak peak!