Weekend Trip(ping)

Melissa & I went up to stay at her parents house this weekend. We had to meet with a couple up there who ended up being really nice!! We were up near Harrisburg; about a half an hour north in this little town. There is usually this sign going into town carved out of a log that says "Git-R-Done" and I was hoping we could get a picture but someone knocked it down, lol. It'll be up again, it always ends up being put back by someone.

Have you ever had your camera with you and saw something that was pretty awesome and totally didn't even think about taking a picture until after it happens? We were driving on some highway and we were looking to the right in a big open field filled with like 75 birds. Geese I'm guessing. So while looking we saw a dog run towards them from a set of bushes about 50 yards away. Not one bird moved at all and this dog just ran over to them and snatched one in its mouth! Still, no other bird moved while the dog took a few big chomps on the bird an walked away! It was so rediculous!

Coming home today from up there we passed by this 80's pick up truck with a HUGE black bear in the back of it. It was just looking off the side! We assumed it was fake/stuffed/whatever but WHAT? Melissa and I turned to each other and I said, "Where are we?!" Another wish we had our camera ready moment. Good times though!

This picture, taken by Melissa, was going up the mountain Saturday morning...