Fred & Devon Get Married :-)

Michael and I were excited to shoot Fred & Devon's wedding! We shot their engagment pictures earlier this year and bonded instantly with them. Devon was gorgeous and everything about the wedding was gorgeous.

I always love a wedding with emotion and Devon was showing that emotion before the ceremony started, which of course brought tears to my eyes. Wether I know the person or not, if someone is showing emotion, I will most likely be joining them.

We are so happy for Fred & Devon! The wedding was a blast and so much fun! I hope they enjoy their honeymoon and the sneak peek of their wedding day.

Paul & Lauren get married!

Melissa and I had the pleasure to shoot Paul & Lauren's wedding. I've known Lauren for like 5 years. It was great seeing her again as well as so many other friends. This wedding was a wedding full of wonderful people. And despite running late and the weather, no one let that get in the way of celebrating this great couple coming together as one.

Thank you Lauren and Paul. Enjoy your honeymoon!

Check out the sneak peek!


Paul & Joan Get Married !!

Michael had the opportunity to meet with Joan beforehand, I did not. I only knew her from the emails we've been sending back and forth over the past few months. I could already tell that she was a great person and I would enjoy working with her. I was excited to finally meet her and when I did she was even nicer than I imagined, unique and looked beautiful.

Joan and Paul are a very unique couple. I am so happy we had the opportunity to shoot their wedding. They've been together for 10 years and watching them on their wedding day anyone could easily tell how much in love they are. The chemistry between them was amazing and was like a gravitational pull. On several occasions I found myself crying because the love was just bleeding through them and was so easy to see.

Enjoy the sneak peek :-)


Lara & Chris get married!

Chris and Lara are such a nice and wonderful couple. Their wedding reception was held at the Mercer Museum and everything was absolutely beautiful from the location to the flower arrangements. Lara made looking simply gorgeous in her dress look easy. Our best wishes go out to Chris and Lara as they start there life together as husband and wife. Enjoy your sneak peek :-)

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Randy & Krysta Get Married!!

Krysta and I have been friends for a few years now, which made shooting this wedding even more exciting. I knew going into this wedding that if the rest of Krysta & Randy's friends and family are as fun and crazy as the two of them, this wedding should be a pretty good time. I was right and we are very happy with what we caught at the reception.

The wedding party was fun to work with and great jumpers (well mostly....the groomsman who did a nose dive into the are a great jumper, and who said white guys can't jump)?

Congratulations Randy & Krysta! Enjoy your sneak peek :-)

<3 Melissa