Melissa is out with some friends for the evening so I had the chance to spend some time with Ava & Bella. I turned into superdad! I made the girls dinner and we sat together and talked about.. well I'm not so sure what they were talking about but I still joined in on the conversation.

Its so cute to watch them eat food. They aren't too good at using a fork or spoon yet but they still try. They eventually pick up the food with their hands and put it on their fork like they did tonight. Lol. They both liked the fruit salad over the other food so they ate that first. Only when that was gone would they go to the other food.

Ok, so why is the title of this post "Pierogi"? Tonight, just before they went to bed, Ava was pretending to eat food off of a plate. She walks up to me, looks me in the eyes and says, "daddy paowgi". She was pretending to eat pierogis! What two year old does that? It was just adorable.

Here is a picture of the girls from the other day. And yes, Ava is wearing my shirt.


Mo pics.

Here are a few more from yesterday. It's absurd how much I love my girls. =0)


Lazy talk and a new pool.

Have you ever been listening to or been in a conversation and you hear someone say something that makes no sense? It's understood by the other person and you know what they were saying but it's wrong. If you just hear what they said and had no context you would probably want to get them back in 3rd grade english class. I think that people can sometimes be lazy when it comes to talking. They have to realize they've said something wrong but don't correct themselves and the other person/people don't say anything!

Don't get me wrong, sometimes its really funny but there are those times when I cannot stand it. And I DO IT TOO! If you have a job I guarantee that you'll hear examples of this everyday. Specially if you are in sales you'll hear it. I wish I had an example to give right now but aside from my already absent mind it is 7:30 in the morning (sans coffee).

So as I said you have to listen for it - when you hear it you'll be like, "Hey, that's lazy!" Feel free to correct that person if you'd like, even if it's me!


I hope everyone has a great holiday - Myself and the family have been having a great time enjoying each others time and the weather and new baby pool the girls got for their 2nd birthday!

Here are a couple pics from yesterday!

Rittenhouse Square Performance!!!!!

Hello all!

On July 12th @ 1pm there will be a performance piece in Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia. We need as many volunteers as possible to get involved. There is nothing that you would have to do that is over the top or embarrassing. I'm sure you want to know what we're doing right?

OK - so everyone involved will simply show up to the park at least 20-30 minutes early (earlier the better). I want you to show up and do whatever it is that you would do at a park. Take a walk, sit on a bench, have a picnic, throw the frisbee, read a book, walk your dog, play the guitar... its up to you! At 1pm there will be an audible sound - that sound will be your signal. Regardless of what you're doing you STOP. Simply freeze.

As of right now, we want you to stay still for at least 3 minutes. Ignore everything around you and enjoy the reaction! There will be videography and photography to record the event so don't worry about missing anything.

If you are interested, please email us @ rittenhouseperformance@gmail.com so we can add you to the mailing lists with any updates/news regarding the performance. If you would like to simply come and see everything feel free as well; still send an email please so we can know how many people to expect.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

We hope to see you there!!


Matt & Kristin

We recently had the opportunity to take engagement pictures for Matt & Kristin. They were an awesome couple to work with! It's always funny before a shoot like this because the couple is usually a little reserved. It didn't take long before that all went away and we just had a great time.

It's easy to see that they are meant for each other and that's the best part about what we do.

Here are some pictures from that day. There are more pictures on the website in the engagement portfolio!

Melissa <3

Recalling Images

There are some of you out there that know of a performance that I'm working on for this summer in Philadelphia. While working on the plans I thought about old shoots I used to do in high school and college. (so so long ago it feels) When I had the time and resources to do my personal work it was incredible! The upcoming work is going to be very interesting. Stay tuned on that.

Anyway, I thought I'd share some of my "old" personal work.

Have a great weekend!