Fred & Devon Get Married :-)

Michael and I were excited to shoot Fred & Devon's wedding! We shot their engagment pictures earlier this year and bonded instantly with them. Devon was gorgeous and everything about the wedding was gorgeous.

I always love a wedding with emotion and Devon was showing that emotion before the ceremony started, which of course brought tears to my eyes. Wether I know the person or not, if someone is showing emotion, I will most likely be joining them.

We are so happy for Fred & Devon! The wedding was a blast and so much fun! I hope they enjoy their honeymoon and the sneak peek of their wedding day.

2 Responses
  1. Alexandra Says:

    That is amazing! Congratulations Devon & Fred!!

  2. Devon Says:

    This is such an amazing peek into our big day. I can not wait to see everything. You guys did such an amazing job.