Randy & Krysta Get Married!!

Krysta and I have been friends for a few years now, which made shooting this wedding even more exciting. I knew going into this wedding that if the rest of Krysta & Randy's friends and family are as fun and crazy as the two of them, this wedding should be a pretty good time. I was right and we are very happy with what we caught at the reception.

The wedding party was fun to work with and great jumpers (well mostly....the groomsman who did a nose dive into the ground...you are a great jumper, and who said white guys can't jump)?

Congratulations Randy & Krysta! Enjoy your sneak peek :-)

<3 Melissa

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    love it missy and michael! cant wait to see what else is to come.. jamacia is awesome! im so glad you were there on my special day.. we wouldnt have had anyone else! love yas mon!!! krysta and randy